4 Most Popular Types Of Steaks And Their Specialties

Love eating steaks but unsure how to order one? Well, worry no more. A little knowledge about the type of steaks will save you from the embarrassment of not knowing what to order. To begin with, since steaks are of different types, you must know which ones are the juiciest and which ones are crisp. It largely helps while making a choice according to your preference. The guide below makes mention of the best steak cuts that you can order at a restaurant.

4 Best Steaks That You Must Try

When dining at a fine restaurant like Rib’N Reef, you'll come across a fine spread of cuisines. However, the specialty and chef's specials are indeed steaks since it is a steakhouse restaurant. The 4 steaks that you can enjoy are given below.

1) New York Strip Steaks

New York strip steaks are a fine choice for people who relish a juicy flavor and a tender texture. Cut from the loin muscle, these steaks contain a fine combination of fats and meat in abundance. Mostly boneless, they are can be grilled as well as broiled at a high temperature.

2) Porterhouse Steaks

Also known as T-bone steak, it comes from the bone around the short loin area and the t-shaped bone has meat on both sides. Since the bone preserves the marrow, this steak has a unique juicy flavor of its own. It's beefy, buttery, and tender, all at the same time. It is cooked slightly away from direct heat since overheating can dry out the juices.

3) Ribeye Steaks

It’s one of the few steaks that can be ordered bone in as well as boneless. Coming from the muscles and bones from the upper rib cage, this one is super buttery. It is cooked at high heat and has a flavorful creamy taste. It can be broiled as well as grilled, depending upon whether you order it bone in or boneless.

4) Tenderloin Steaks

Popular by the name Filet, tenderloin is the most expensive steak. It is boneless and comes from either the short loin muscles or from the muscles under the ribs. The filet steaks can also be identified from their size and thickness - they are smaller and thicker. Since they are the softest of all steak cuts, they are heated only till the steak changes color to brown. This is done in order to preserve the juicy flavor.