Best Turkish Food with with Special Spices

The Best Turkish Food :

Turkey has become one of the superpower of Asian tourism in the last few decades and we can see millions of tourists travel to this land every year .Tourists have their own taste and purpose . So depending on their taste and purpose they choose one country to travel,but the most important thing that is common to all tourists is trying the food of the destination. There is a special food culture in Turkey and some of the foods in this country are more popular and have a big fans ,such as the unique Kebabs that are famous in the world by the name of Turkish kebab .

Turkish food

Turkish food ,Turkish spices :

Turkish dishes are delicious with special spices that are exclusively for Turkey . At many restaurants in Turkey used just a few spices like mint ,sumac and pepper ,but Turkish people use a wide range of spices at home . In this article we will introduce different types of Turkish spices.

Here's a list of different types of spices that used in a traditional Turkish recipe :

Pepper ( biber ):

In Turkish food ,pepper is very important,as there is always a large bag of peppers at the grocery . You can find all kind of peppers including sweet ,spicy ,red and black pepper in Turkey . Also we have yellow,green ,slim,long and bell peppers that are widely found in Turkish spices.

Sumak :

Sumak in an ornamental flower with rough leaves. The red seeds of its flower turn yellow and getting dry . It taste like vinegar and sometimes we can use it instead of lemon. In the Middle East,people use sumak very much . They use sumak to add a little bit of a sour taste to the food . Essentially sumak is similar to lemon juice or vingar .

This spice work well with meat or onions and can be added to the meat before grilling. It can even be used to flavor salads ,especially in salads that makes with tomatoes or onions.

Spice for kofte (Kofte bahari ):

Turkish food

This is a spice which is use for making kofte . And it can also be used for other meat dishes. The main spices of kofte are cumin ,coriander and pepper .This mix of spices works great for most meat dishes . Other spices we can use for Kofte are black pepper ,fenugreek and cloves .

Turkish food , Turkish spices :

Turkish Mint (Nane):

Turkish Mint has a very strong aroma that is pleasing to mint lovers and even to those who do not love mint . Because of this ,this spice can be a good addition to garlic and if you mix these two with lemon juice and olive oil ,you will get a delicious blent to flavor the grilled meat . You can brew the mint and achieve a very good Turkish tea or use it to make a delicious cool syrup on hot summer days.

Thyme (Govey otu ):

Thyme is used in many Mediterranean cuisines .You can also use thyme in soups such as vegetables soups and meat soups. In general,it's good to use this spice to flavor the steak . It's very interesting to know that cereal foods and salads containing cabbage and lettuce are highly flavored with thyme .


Turkish food

Kekik is another type of thyme that is sold in Australian shops. Kekik is a plants that relates to Mediterranean foods but this is widely used in many Middle East countries. This thyme grows in the mountains of Turkey . This spice can be used to flavor grilled meats and vegetables. Also, you can add this spice to boiled grains such as beans ,lentils and peas .

Fenugreek (Cemen otu ):

Fenugreek is one of the essentials in Indian, Middle Easter and North African cuisine. This spice is a little bitter and it is used as a flavored for vegetables and pickles. This spice has also medical properties it is used to treat diseases. This spice is also recommended for people with baldness and hair fall.

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