Delicious Sea Food Ideas for Your Wedding

Have you ever been to sea sore and tasted seafood? If yes, you would have a magical experience with the seafood and would desire to live on sea sore for the whole life. Moreover, you surely like to add such mouthwatering seafood on your wedding menu. For the best seafood, you may get in touch with Italian catering Toronto. Moreover, here we elaborated a few seafood ideas that will make your big day unforgettable:

  • A Lobster Buffet

Most of the adult guests at a wedding party like to have a Lobster Buffet. When anybody is walking into your wedding hall, a Lobster Buffet always becomes an attractive place to eat. However, children feel it scary. So, talk to your caterer about the preparation of such a delicious dish that the dish should be present in an attractive way so that everybody from all age groups can enjoy it.

  • Salmon Rolls

It is a tasty combination of smoked salmon and prosciutto. The salmon and prosciutto are rolled tidily and present to guests in a very stylish way. Especially children like to eat them as they can be carried easily and don't create a mess while eating.

  • Bite-Size Shrimp and Grits

The thought of having bite-size shrimp and grits starts people's mouth-watering. So do not forget to serve your guest the most desired dish on their table at your wedding.

  • Seared Tuna Bites

As tuna bites can be served in many ways, so explain how you desire your seared tuna bites. Some people like its crunchy form and other like chewy and sweet flavor. Moreover, the crostini should be topped with tiny pieces of tuna.

  • An Outdoor Clambake

Either you're planning for an outdoor wedding party of a reception, make sure to include grilled clambake in the menu. The guests will surely enjoy the outdoor wedding atmosphere with hot and grilled clambakes.

  • Fresh Oyster on Ice

Now it's time to serve something delicious with the chilly ice cubes. Doesn't seem something special uh! Yes, it's Oyster, go ahead and highlight your wedding menu with this scrumptious sea dish.

  • Crab With Baguette

Most people have a dream of going to the beach, walking with the barefoot on beach sore and watching crabs while listening to the noise of the ocean layers. Isn't it's your dream? It's happening to some only, but you can give the feeling of crab with a baguette to your guest's on your wedding day.