Different types of Coffee which you should Enjoy with Friends

Coffee with friends and some good food, with some laughter and reminiscing memories, the best way to enjoy a coffee date with a close acquaintance. Coffee has become such an essential beverage in everyone's life. Some would even agree that it is heaven in the form of coffee beans.

The brewed drink made from roasted coffee beans was first introduced in as early as 15th century and ever since it has evolved and people have started experimenting adding different flavors. Adding different flavors and different amounts amount of coffee and other added ingredients make a distinctive taste.

Coffee is darkly colored, bitter and slightly acidic due to its caffeine content. Consumption of coffee in high amount daily might be slightly unhealthy but consuming mildly maybe actually beneficial to health.

Coffee with Friends is incomplete without these types of Coffee.

There are at least hundreds of different coffee flavors, if not thousands, right now around the world. There is a coffee recipe for everyone, who is in love with this beverage. Here are a few types of coffee that you could enjoy with your friends on an evening coffee outing:

  • Instant Coffee:

This is the simplest cup of coffee made only with coffee powder, water, milk, and sugar. It is a classic cup of coffee, easy to make and serve.

  • Iced Coffee:

Iced coffee has gained immense popularity in the last few years. Made with a layer of different flavors of nutmeg, coffee, ice cream, and rum or any liqueur and ice cubes on the bottom of the cup. It’s a relaxing drink for summer.

  • Irish Coffee:

This flavor of coffee is popular among friends for its a fascinating combination of coffee laced with sweet whipped cream and whiskey. These might not be available everywhere due to its alcohol content, but there should be some cafe that brews it for adults.

  • Espresso:

This flavor doesn't need any introduction. It's been around for a long time. The traditional Espresso is very easy to prepare with forcing boiling water into finely ground coffee. Although it might take some time to master the concentration and amount of water and coffee powder you would like to add, this is the purest coffee experience anyone can get.

  • Cappuccino:

This has to be the most popular type of coffee around the world, that is available anywhere you go. The recipe is simple to master too. Made with a shot of Espresso, with a shot of steamed milk and to top it a layer of froth, creamy milk is added. On the frothy, foamy layer of milk chocolate powder can be added to for extra decoration.

  • Café Latte:

This flavor of coffee is slowly gaining popularity as it is becoming available around the world. Prepared with steamed milk and a single shot of coffee, café latte means ‘milk coffee’ in Italian.

These were the fairly popular coffees around the world. There will be few more options available country-wise, and there will be a difference in taste accordingly. Few countries like to add their own special flavors to the coffee. Anyways, the idea of having a coffee with friends is an excellent way to spend some time and a good way to distress after a long week.