Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration

We can differentiate numerous reasons why you should find a commercial refrigeration unit for your business purposes. Most people use it as oversized freezers, restaurants and refrigeration units where they can keep large quantities of liquor and food in the right storage temperature.

At the same time, you can find a wide array of different types available on the market. Everything depends on why you need it in the first place. Refrigeration units come with ventilation because they have a compressor inside.

Of course, everything depends on the unit that you find, which means that ventilation can be on the side or bottom of the unit, while some of them can feature ventilation on the top.

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It does not matter where you wish to install it, because you should check whether you could place proper ventilation and space for your needs.

1.Back Bar Refrigeration

You should have in mind that you can use refrigeration units for numerous reasons and scenarios. Most of them will provide you a large capacity so that you can store mixers, drinks, and everything that will supply your bar requirements.

It is an ideal solution for restaurants and bars, but it can also be used for residential solutions. Back bar refrigerators will feature glass doors, which means that they are perfect to place behind the bar.

You can also find wine bottle coolers where you can place a wide array of bottles. They come with plate chiller and glass inside so that you can ensure perfect serving temperature.


If you wish to place a large number of bottles in non-bar settings, you should get a merchandiser that will help you along the way. Remember that they come in different sizes and shapes, as well as individual capacities and features.

They feature ventilation in the front, which means that it is great for displaying beverages you own. Glass doors are simple for customers to determine what you have in stock, and for your employees to manage everything with ease.

The best thing about it is the possibility to improve transparency by getting great display as well as maintain the temperature you need. These units are great for retail purposes where you can place perishable goods.

Understanding different types of commercial refrigeration equipment will help you while choosing which one is the best for your needs.

3.Commercial Prep Table

If you wish to improve the kitchen in your restaurant, you should get a commercial prep table with refrigeration so that you can improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your business.

You can find small versions on the market where you can place salads and sandwiches among other things. However, ones that are more expensive feature larger areas where you can place greater meals that require more ingredients and room.

These units also feature large refrigeration areas as well as wire shelves that you can find. Have in mind that some of them do not have front ventilation, but feature casters so that you can reduce the space required for them, and move them around with ease.

The best thing about this particular table is the possibility to use it as a commercial unit because they have a large temperature range to protect your goods.