Fine and Perfect Mini Breweries for You

Many owners of restaurants and bars, as well as ordinary people who are interested in live craft beer, are increasingly thinking about the question of where and how to choose a mini brewery that would fully meet its requirements.

How to choose a mini brewery?

At once we will say that mini breweries are amateur (for home use) and professional (for bars and restaurants). Of course, these are different units, and they differ not only in their size, performance, price, but also in a number of other indicators. However, since all this equipment is designed for one purpose, the professional advice of experienced brewers who have tried many similar devices will be useful both to those who decided to treat themselves to excellent beer of their own production, and to the owners of pubs who rightly believe that live craft beer will attract him additional customers.


Professional tips on choosing a mini brewery

The modern market offers a huge variety of mini breweries - as they say, for any request and the volume of the beverage produced. As always, such abundance for the buyer and the good, and at the same time a headache, because it gives rise to many doubts and temptations.

Therefore, choosing a technique for brewing, you should pay attention to the following points:

As we said, mini breweries vary greatly in price. And if with the purchase of the “home version” you can meet several thousand rubles, then the professional one will draw several hundred thousand. It is clear that too cheap a product should immediately alert the buyer. However, too expensive equipment is not always the best. In this case, it would be more correct to consult with a specialist, and if you do not have one, choose something in between. Be sure to search the Internet for relevant information and reviews in a word, to approach this case thoroughly and slowly.

  • Figuring out how to choose a mini brewery that is optimal for its purposes, a person faces such an important indicator as the size of the equipment. It is clear that the output of beer at a time will depend on the size of the unit. However, it is worth considering some other parameters, especially if the equipment is purchased for the home. For example, some models are designed for such a production technology, in which beer after fermentation at room temperature is placed for some time in a refrigerator.

Therefore, a mini-brewery should, firstly, fit into it, and secondly, not create inconvenience for your daily life (if you do not have the opportunity to buy a special refrigerator at the brewery). On the other hand, it is possible to choose a more dimensional model, which is “not tied” to the refrigerator.