Four Inexpensive Steak Cuts that are Worth Trying

Did you know that some of the most affordable steaks can be tasty? In terms of steak, many people assume that the most expensive options are always the best. That is why they overlook inexpensive cuts when these options can be just as delicious for various types of cooking. If you have not tried ordering cheap cuts from your favourite steak company or from the butcher, it might be the time to do it. As with most things, it is not always about the price. Rather, the quality of the steak makes the difference. Below are some of the inexpensive cuts that are worth trying:

Chuck Eye

This steak cut looks and tastes similar to ribeye; however, it is an inexpensive cut you can find in the supermarket or order from your favourite restaurant. When you order steaks from Rib n Reef, you know you are always getting high-quality cuts. The chuck eye comes from the cow’s rib, just a bit further near the top of the rib so you can expect this to be tender. But, the cut is flavourful and you can keep it nice and tender by using your favourite marinade on it before you put it on the grill.

Flat Iron

This steak comes from the shoulder of the cow. This is from a very worked muscle that is firmer than other areas with lots of marbling throughout to provide the right texture and enough juiciness. This steak is a great choice for meals such as cheese steak sandwiches or steak salads in which you need thinly-sliced steaks. Even if sliced thinly, they maintain good texture without getting chewy and dry.


This cut is one of the tenderest on the whole cow. It is obtained from the top blade located right from the top of the shoulder-blade of the cow. The secret to this cut is cooking it just right which means medium-rare. This way, you don’t overcook the steak and make it chewy.

Tip Sirloin

The tip sirloin steak is the cheaper sibling of the top sirloin. It comes from the same rear area of the cow; however, from a leaner portion which makes it a bit less pleasing, although with the same flavouring. This steak can be used for meals like stew or kebabs where you can cut it into smaller chunks, instead of making the steak the star of the meal.