How Big Should Your Dinner Plate Be?

The question about the size of your dinner plates and if it really matters is something that does not arise as much as it should. From a familiar scenario of having eaten at restaurants where you will find such large portion sizes in large plates, that you almost front have any room at the table to fit in all the dishes, to serving a small heaping on a little side plate of your Corelle dinner set and realising that you really haven't eaten that much and are still feeling hungry.

With the increasing plate size today so has our portions sizes and also our waist sizes and if that doesn't concern you then perhaps some of your plates failing to fit inside a dishwasher might be of concern. So now we come to the pertinent question, does it really make a difference what is the size of our plates? Let's talk facts:

  • Since the 1960's studies have estimated that your average size of the plates have almost gone up by almost 35%, now that is not an arbitrary percentage, factually speaking, earlier there would be Corningware dinner setthat would range anywhere between seven and nine inches but now your average dinner plate is roughly eleven to twelve inches, there are restaurants in the USA that even use plates which are thirteen inches in diameter! Europe thankfully is a little better off with our dinner plates being an average of nine inches in diameter still, which is followed by a Corelle dinner set as well.
  • Now the increase in the size of dinner plates, we have witnessed an increase in our portion sizes too. everyone is really familiar with the temptation of taking in a little portion of pasta in the middle of our plate, and then feeling the need to increase the portion size to an amount that satiates both our eyes and our heart and of course, our stomachs. Another additional issue that we face is that the more you pile up on your plate the more your brain tends to think that your larger portions of food, is accurately how much your body needs and that is what inspires gluttony.
  • Switching smaller sized plates means that you can really control your portion size. You can pick up a salad plate from your Corelle dinner set, which is smaller in diameter and you will instantly make a difference of almost twenty-two per cent in the amount of food you eat — now isn't that a neat trick. Even in traditional Indian household, you will find that instead of eating a large filled to the brim meal, medium-sized stainless steel plates are used to serve food in small portions, which ensures that you do not end up overeating.
  • Another surprising fact, that research has excavated is that even if you are eating less, by using a smaller dish, you still end up feeling and being full, since most of the visual cues also help is influencing your brain into thinking that the portion control that you are performing is the exact amount you need to feel full and satiated.A Corelle dinner set has a perfect balance in this aspect with their almost nine-inch dinner plates and six-inch side plates, which are such a winning balance as opposed a twelve-inch dinner plate and an eight-inch side plate. Of course, you do not have to go in too small when it comes to the size of your plates.
  • Researchers tell us that on an average almost 90 per cent of the food that we serve on our plates, we end up eating it, which means the larger the size for your plate, the larger the portion size and the more food we consume. For someone who leads an active lifestyle and burns of most of what he eats, this isn't a big deal, but let's face it, we are not all the same and the struggle is real, when you are trying to maintain a balance in terms of how active you want to be and how much portion control you should exercise.

Hence, when you are thinking about how big your dinner plate should be thinking about in respect of big enough to fit in the food you want to eat, but also not go overboard. A Corelle dinner set hence has nailed that balance, and to truly not worry about the entire portion control thing, get yourself a Corelle dinner set.