How to store your plastic containers

Clever Ways to Store Your Plastic Containers

Are you covered in a sea of plastic takeaway containers and their lids despite the need to organise your kitchen? The kitchen suffers the most and its high time you find a solution. Plastic containers are useful when full and serve their purpose. At other times, when the containers are not in use, they are stacked on the dish racks, at the bottom of drawers and on the shelves, waiting for their shine moment.

This information will be useful if you are always looking for matching containers when you need them. Take control of your kitchen by organising your plastic storage containers. Here are a few options you should consider if you don’t want the plastic takeaway containers to get the better of your kitchen.

Stay Clean and Organised

Try to utilise clear storage bins if your style is more visual. Nowadays, sleek bins are available widely, and they keep everything enclosed while attaining a sleek and neat look. This option is recommended if you have open shelves.

Keep the Lids Separate

Depending on your kitchen setup, there are times it makes sense to let go of the togetherness and store the lids separate from their containers. This will create space because the lids are flat and are easily stored in a standard drawer. This method will save you space. You can decide on this approach after accessing your space and what works for you.

Administer Standard Drawer

The drawer method can prove to be tricky when it comes to keeping the storage area neat and tidy. You may be used to storing your plastic containers away from the kitchen. But once you are committed to the drawer method, you will find that it’s convenient and you save on time when you are looking for the matching pair.

Store with the Lids

This method is perfect if you have enough space. The containers will occupy a lot of space, but you will save a lot of time if you are regularly looking for a lid to match a container. This will also keep the dust away and the lids will serve their purpose.

Keep Like With Like

Finally, you don't have to store your plastic takeaway containers together. It’s easier for you to store the small containers inside the drawer and the big ones on the shelf. The food storage can be stored in one place and the craft storage in another.