Paris: The Mecca of Haute Cuisine Popular the World Over

Paris is known to be a city of love and passion. Hence they are as passionate about romance as they are about their cuisine. It is also said that when in France do as the French do. Hence in order to enjoy Parisian food when on a Paris Food Tour, one should savour every bite and sip that they take. For the people of France good quality food and wine is a way of life for them and hence each dish is cooked to perfection and grapes get magically transformed into exceptional wines.

This is one of the most popular and celebrated tours conducted which combines the joy of sightseeing some of the historically important places and works of art with that of experiencing the flavours and the finesse of the globally famous and sought after French cuisine. It is also heavily influenced by the Italian cuisine and cheese and wine are mandatory additions to all means that one has in Paris.

With an extensive coastline, French cuisine also has a good choice of seafood included along with ample use of freshly available mushrooms, zucchini, shallots, wheat, leeks etc., varied types of meats like chicken, duck, goose, beef, veal etc., fruits like peach, apricot, pear, plum, apple etc. It is absolutely amazing to see eggs getting cooked in so many different ways like scrambled, omelettes, ceuf a la coque etc.

Breakfast in Paris tends to include slices of French bread liberally spread with jam, honey, cheese or butter, or croissants, accompanied with “café crème”, hot chocolate, pate, fruit juice, egg, gizzard, salmon, bacon etc. Lunch is traditionally a 2 hour mid-day meal with different types of sandwiches and deserts mostly preferred while dinner consists of a full 3 course meal starting with the entrée or hors d oeuvre, the main course consisting of meat served with vegetables or rice, pasta or even baguettes served with salads followed by either desserts or a cheese course.