Ronco Rotisserie – The Best Grilling Machine in the Market

Favorite rotisserie dishes can be made in your backyard with Ronco rotisserie grilling machine. Rotisserie cooking retains natural juice and flavor and chars the food efficiently and quickly. While grilling, it depletes excess fat, about 1/4th cup of animal fat is flowed out from 4lb. Chicken. You can cook large chunks of chicken, seafood, vegetables, hamburger, sausage, hams, and even ribs. Rotisserie cooking grills the meat on a long rod by indirect heating. The timer on the Ronco rotisserie automatically stops searing after the stipulated time. The rotisserie turns the split rod at a constant speed for even cooking at both ends.

Versatile and energy efficient

Nonstick dip tray, grate cover, spit rod, glass door, kabob rods, and heating tray are all dishwasher safe. The rotisserie basket allows you to make many varieties of Rotisserie cooking and wraps. Put the food in the cover and then in the basket. The lighted oven will enable you to watch the proceedings while the rotisserie cooks the food. Dual heating tray with lid gives added advantage for heating vegetables, sauce, gravies. You have to buy the tray; it does not come with the unit. The drip pan collects the dripping gravy while the food is grilled. You can fill it with broth and vegetables to add flavor to the food. It cooks faster than a conventional oven using half electricity, making it extremely energy efficient.

Safeguards to follow

Watch the tutorial DVD and read the manual carefully before using it. Never dip the cord, plug, or the unit in water, which may cause electrical short circuits and shock. Do not touch the appliance while the cooking process is on, the entire unit gets extremely hot, even the glass door. Use oven gloves or mitts while inspecting the food. You should not allow children to use it or be in the vicinity while the rotisserie is in use. Unplug the rotisserie after use. Remove or dismantle the parts of the appliance after it cools down completely. If the cord, plug, or the unit is damaged or dropped by accident, do not use it. Visit the authorized service center for repair, adjustment, the examination of electrical or mechanical flaws.

If there is accidental fire or smoke immediately, turn off the appliance and unplug it. After it cools down to make sure the heating element is free from any contact as the food spin. Wait for the appliance to cool before opening the glass door. Never splash water over the machine to stop fire or smoke as this is an electrical device.