The Best Pizza Toping Combinations

From traditional to modern and creative, there is a lot more to pizza than meat. Decades before, the original pizza, the Marinara, is the only vegetarian. Later on, you would have heard of meat lovers and supreme. The Naples started adding tomato, olive oil, and oregano to their flat bread – this is how the humble pizza was born. Today, there are many pizza toppings for both vegans and meat-lovers. Yes, now you can see best pizza in Mascot that is covered in flavourless black olives, limp mushrooms and oily roasted vegetables. With so many topping variations to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Here are a few best pizza topping combinations you could try at the pizza restaurant Mascot:-

Ham and pineapple 

The classic Hawaiian Pizza combines sauce, cooked ham, and pineapple. This crowd-pleasing pizza is salty, sweet, cheesy and delicious! Both children and adults will love the flavour of grilled Ham and pineapple because grilling the ham gives a nice smoky flavour, and the pineapple adds sweetness.  It’s just the BEST pizza variety.

Bacon and shrimp 

This is yet another combination every pizza lovers like it – Bacon and Shrimp. The shrimp and bacon are cooked before placed on the pizza. Besides, adding red onions to this pizza can enhance the flavours.

Barbecue sauce and chicken 

 Like ham and pineapple, this is a favourite combination for many. You could swap tomato sauce with barbeque sauce for a delicious chicken Mascot pizza. These toppings offer a whole new way of experiencing this favourite summertime food. You could choose to add fresh peppers, onions, and veggies for enhancing the flavour.

Kale, ricotta, and sausage

For a healthy pizza, add kale, ricotta, and sausage. To prepare this, you should steam the kale before baking it on your pizza. When you bake the pizza, kale will get crispy that gives an enjoyable texture combination.


It is the king of all the toppings. You can add pepperoni anywhere on a pizza. As it is light with a hint of spiciness, it can compliment many ingredients.

Taco toppings 

If you are an ardent fan of Mexico food, combine the ingredients in tacos and spreading them on top of picante sauce on a crust for getting the ultimate taco pizza. This is truly a Mexican treat for those that love tacos as much as pizza.

There is a range of different options for the best pizza in Mascot toppings these days. You will be overwhelmed by the number of choices available. Just try something new and enjoy every bite of the pie.