Tips for tenderizing meat easily

There is nothing better than juicy and tender meat. Everyone is a sucker for finding those tender and juicy meat but are all of us lucky enough to find it. Also, no matter how much we want, finding tender meat has always been a problem because they are extremely expensive. Also, if you aren't able to find the tender and juicy meat, you can always prepare it at home without any need to marinade.

Some of the prominent steps through which you can easily tenderize the meat at home include the following

Beat it

One of the easiest to tenderize the meat is to pound it. This can help you to prepare juicy meat. If you are preparing to tenderize the meat at home, you came easily do it leading the meat to become mushy. You can prefer getting Lumar attendrisseur de viande to tenderize your meat. These machines have different needles that can easily penetrate through the meat. Moreover, this also leads to lesser loss of meat covers.


If you want your meat to become tender and juicy, you should thoroughly wrap it with salt. Before you allow the meat to be cooked, you should thoroughly salt it for around two to three hours. This will allow the tough muscle fibers to become softer. Moreover, you won't need to marinate it unnecessarily. As a result, when you cook the meat, you will receive soft, tasty, and juicy meat, which can be extremely beneficial in the longer run.

Marinate it properly

Various fruits like pineapple, kiwi, papaya are loaded with enzymes that can play an important role in tenderizing the meat. You should prefer preparing a puree of these fruits and adding a few extra seasonings to make the right mixture for marination. Let the meat soak the juice for a while for better flavor and tender effect. However, make sure that you do not leave the meat in mixture for too long.

Prepare the right slices

You can always use your knife to make your meat tender. One of the best knife techniques that can help to make the meat tender is scoring. You can make shallow cuts like that of steak or flank. Moreover, all these tricks help in breaking down the tough proteins. This allows the meat to absorb different marinade techniques. You can slice the cooked steak so that meats become short without any loss of fiber.

Using machines and following simple tips can play an important role in tenderizing the meat. You can always reach out to the experts and check the internet for a better impact.