Travel Berkey Water Filter Vs Travel Water Purifier - Which One Is Best?

If you like or if you need to travel quite often, one of the things that you probably carry with you is a bottle of water. So, since you want to ensure that you can reuse it over and over again, it is much a better choice to buy a Travel Berkey water filter or a travel water purifier. But which one if the best option for you?

One of the things that you need to understand is that not all filter water bottles are the same. So, this makes it especially important to pay attention to details when you are buying yours. After all, we can say that not all filter water bottles will actually make the water safe.

Depending on where you are, tap water can taste differently. This ends up being natural since water is treated differently from place to place. Water can contain different metals, salts, minerals, and it can originate from different sources. There is even water that contains chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. Besides all these differences end up affecting the taste of the water itself, they may even upset your stomach even though they are harmless.

Travel Water Purifier Bottle or Travel Berkey Water Filter Bottle: What’s the Difference?

Choosing the best water purifier or water filter bottles may not be as easy as you may think. After all, with so many different choices, it may be a bit overwhelming to even notice the differences between most products.

One of the things that you need to know is that most travel water filter bottles are built to reduce the amount of chlorine present, and alter the smell and taste. While this can be a great solution to have at home or to take with you to a place that you know and know the water, it may not be a good solution to take to a new place.

Let's say that you're planning a weekend off and you just don't know how the tap water of the location is. Besides, you may even be thinking about taking a couple of days o the hoods camping, and you just want to fill up your bottle from natural sources. How can you know if the water is safe for you to drink? In this case, the best choice for you is to actually get yourself a bottle that actually purifies your water instead of a bottle that simply gets rid of the bad odors and tastes. So, as you can imagine, in this case, you should opt for a travel water purifier bottle.

In the case you decide to buy a travel water purifier bottle, you need to understand that this bottle will do everything that a travel water Berkey purifier bottle does. It will reduce chlorine as well as it will also remove any bad tastes or smells. However, it doesn't end here. The travel water purifier bottle will also eliminate a wide range of hidden harmful things. These include parasites, protozoa,  bacteria, and even viruses.

Ultimately, this means that when you are drinking water using your travel water purifier bottle, you can drink it no matter the source that it came from. So, this is not only a huge money saver as it is also a lifesaver.

Why Should You Go For A Travel Water Filter Bottle?

#1: It's Safe:

No matter the water source, when you are using a travel water filter bottle, you will be sure that you are drinking safe water. No matter if you are out in the wild and you decide to get water from lakes or rivers, or if you are in an underdeveloped country where you're not sure about the water quality, a travel water filter bottle can definitely help you.

#2: Save Money:

If you are used to going on vacation and keep buying water bottle after water bottle, this means that you are spending a lot of money that you should be saving instead. By using the travel water filter bottle, you can simply fill it with water from any source and drink it safely.

#3: Decrease Plastic Waste:

You know that protecting the environment should be a work done by each one of us. So, by using a travel water filter bottle instead of keep buying plastic water bottles, you will be helping protect the environment and you will be decreasing the plastic waste at the same time.