Want to Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family? - Guide About the Best Bar in Montreal That You Must Visit 

Had a hectic stressful day? Haven't had the time or money lately to plan a relaxing vacation? Craving to spend a beautiful weekend with friends and family whilst basking in the glory of a beautiful sunset? Haven't yet had the leisure to confine in a mesmerizing party abode to truly experience the joy of Montreal's nightlife? If so, you've really missed out on a lot already. 

But, it's never too late to find the ultimate joy. You can always visit a hospitable bar and restaurant like the Riverside bar terrasse, peacefully located by the St. Henri Canal. The few features that make this restaurant and bar a rare find that'll make your day extremely pompous are listed below. Henceforth, set your mood right and have a look at all those features before visiting the actual place.

  1. Your Furry Friends can Accompany You

How many times have you had to leave your dogs behind since most restaurants do not allow them? And how many times have you been actually able to enjoy while having to worry about how your pets are doing home alone? Hence, to ease your mind from this constant worry, the Riverside bar allows your pets to accompany you. So, it's not just you who'll have a wonderful time, your pets will enjoy an outing as well.

  1. The Prices won't Leave You Flabbergasted

Despite their prime location and their unparalleled hospitality, the management at this restaurant understands that not everybody is equally rich. Which is why they make their menu so diverse that everyone can find the dishes that they can afford. Thus, you will be able to find the best beers, wines, burgers, rolls, and much more at surprisingly affordable rates. 

Whether it's the rich taste of imported beers and hard liquor that you're craving for or you're in the best of spirits to enjoy a pint of Montreal's local specialty, you'll be able to find, and most importantly, afford everything. 

  1. You'll have Much More than a Sunset to Enjoy

As scenic as it is, this bar is an equally happening place that has:

  • Ample outdoor space where you can play volleyball, football, and basketball with your friends. 
  • A cozy indoor seating space with vibrant music that'll keep you entertained all night. 

On a parting note, don't forget to contact them about the information on their opening hours and to make a reservation.