What are the coating machines?

A coating machine is a machine used in various manufacturing and processing industries and is meant to coat the external surfaces of different equipment using a refined thin film of the coating material. This coating film is employed mostly to the surfaces with some characteristics that are defined and assessed below:

The first of its kind use is to mask the color, taste, and smell of the drug to keep it in good condition. The second benefit is to protect the drug from physical or chemical harm to sustain it for long. The third purpose is to control the release of the drug and to protect it from disintegrating with the confrontation of exposure to gastric fluids. This will, in turn, improve the appearance of your machine or equipment and will make it an elegant product. This will in turn incorporate drugs or materials in the coating to prevent any chemical incompatibility.

Simple principles

The coating machines work with some simple principles of applying the coating ingredients prepared with the formation of a solution to a group or individual surface in a way set where it can move horizontally or vertically as required. This is applied with a concurrent flow of heated air that is there to help in the evaporation of the solvent. This coating is equally distributed to the surface where it is needed to be coasted with the use of a movement of the bed. There are several types of these coating machines available in the market today.

The first of this kind of coating machines is consists of a circular standard coating metal pan with arrange of about 15 and 200 cm (6 to 80 inches) in diameter. This pan is rotated with the use of an electric motor. The surfaces to be coated are loaded in this pan and are rotated to give even coating throughout the surface. The coating solution is applied to that rotating pan by spraying with an atomizer to produce a faster and more even distribution than simply introducing it as a liquid.


Another type of coating machine involves the equipment that consists of a partial or perforated drum that rotates aligned with the horizontal axis, and the whole system is enclosed in a sealed housing. One of such kind is Accela-Cota/Hi-coater systems that involves directing dry air to the drum and releasing it through the perforations in the drum.

The second type is Driacoater equipment and it incorporates directing the supply and exhaust air being integrated into the drum as a reinforcing element. During this process, the drum rotates and dry air passes up fluidizing the surface. The coating solution in such a coating machine is applied through spraying nozzles that are positioned inside the drum.

The third such kind of machine is a Fluidized Bed/Air suspension coating machine that is used less often and involves air flowing chambers. With all these types and suggestions, Progressu.de offers help and suggestions in every regard. Just give us a call at +49 590 393730-10 and our representatives will reach out to you immediately.