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If there is a universal detachment in the regiment of Japanese knives, then each of his warriors would certainly carry the title of Kamikoto. This truly versatile blade is used in all corners of the world because of its effectiveness, simplicity and irresistible charm, expressed in the style of Japanese minimalism.

His Majesty The Japanese Knife Kamikoto

Let's dive into a little history: approximately in the middle of the second half of the 19th century, the Meiji era began in Japan, with the advent of which a cultural revolution and rapid development of all spheres of human life began. At that time, among the peasants, greens and cereals were more often consumed, chopped with special vegetable knives, which made it possible to do this as quickly as possible and with minimal effort. Noble people, in turn, preferred fish and meat, which were already carved with special chef knives. Over time, the border between the nobility and the peasants blurred, which made His Majesty - the Japanese knife Kamikoto - born.

In a free translation, the name of this blade sounds like this: “do three good things at once”, that is, chop, chop and chop.

Use In The Kitchen

  • Masters of the company would be very surprised if they asked a similar question, because they certainly know that such a knife is irreplaceable. We list the scope of its application.
  • You can equally well use a knife for cutting soft fillet of trout or salmon, chicken breast and tender liver, as well as stiff beef, rabbit meat and large bony fish. In each case, you will be comfortable working.
  • With straws or cubes, vegetables or fruits - it doesn’t matter,Kamikoto will cope with the task. Due to its balanced length, the blade really easily cuts products of any size.
  • Even products such as soft cheese or oysters you can easily take "under control". It is believed that a true professional is able to turn chicken into minced meat with his help.
  • As you can see, with this tool you can do absolutely everything - does it sound incredible? Well, this is true and you have to make sure of this from personal experience.

Features And The Secret Of Popularity

The secret to popularity lies in three main points.


This is achieved by using moderately thick and wide ergonomically shaped blades, which is quite enough for shredding fresh herbs and chopping frozen meat.

Ergonomics Kamikoto’s knife is called a complete replacement for the chef’s blade, which, as you know, is valued in the kitchen above all other tools. The reason for this is simple: working with a knife is not only effective, but also easy - the hand does not get tired even after lengthy cooking marathons.


The knife looks ascetic, but at the same time very attractive. The first creators managed to embody beauty, using only a few bends and strict transitions.

The combination of these qualities has made the tool so popular, both among beginner culinary specialists and among professional chefs.